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River rafting in Rishikesh

Rs. 3,499/-



Rule the waves in Rishikesh with 1Night/2Days River Rafting Package.

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Let’s accept the challenge from the Serpent Rivers... Let’s be a warrior... Let’s rule the Waves...Let’s choose River Rafting...

Every coin has two faces, so does the natural beauty. Water is usually considered as the softest thing on the earth that makes us learn a very important lesson in life, “Be Flexible and Change yourself in accordance with your surroundings”. River rafting is the other side of the coin...which makes us learn another chapter from the water, “Work Hard and Make Your Way... Even If, Big Rocks are There to Stop You”. River rafting in Rishikesh is the perfect choice to accept this challenge from Mother Nature and tell her that you are a true champion. There are six levels you can enjoy. So, let’s see where you stand and if you are new to this, get a basic package and test your skills with level I. You can also enjoy white water rafting in Nepal. Be it India or anywhere else, river rafting is always fun. After all, it is not all about rafting sessions, you can also enjoy with your loved ones in rafting camps. Are You Ready for the Ride???

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