We provide excellent Visa Services. We are well acquainted with the processes of Visa procurement and can easily help you complete the procedures involved successfully. You just have to pay us a nominal fee and your entire headache is ours. Our executives would arrange the application forms, help you in filling the details and also submit them. Our courteous executive would also inform you about the various supporting documents required and get them attested at his own end. We also have a separate division of professionals who have thorough knowledge about the Visa procurement process of the various countries. We would also provide you expert guidance for cracking the Visa interviews.




Single Entry VISA

A Single Entry Visa permits the holder to enter a country once.

Multiple Entry VISA

A Multiple Entry Visa permits unlimited number of entries into a country within the visa & stay validity.

Double Entry VISA

A permit required for a person to re-enter his own country after a long stay abroad.

Tourist/Travel VISA

This is a specific type of visa for travelers who are visiting a country for tourist reasons, or visiting friends and relatives for a limited time period.

Business VISA

A business visa is for travelers who are visiting another country for a limited period of time for the purpose of commercial meetings, discussions, negotiations or similar activities. Business visas are usually insufficient for travelers who will undertake work or temporary work assignments in a country.

Student VISA

Multiple-entry visas are given to bona fide students to pursue regular studies or correspondence courses at recognized institutions. A letter confirming admission from such an institution along with evidence of financial arrangements for stay in the country should accompany the application.

Work Permit VISA

Work Visa is granted to non-professionals who wish to work in that country.

Medical Treatment VISA

Medical treatment visas provide for persons seeking medical treatment either elective or emergency in that country.

Seamen VISA

Visa required for Shipping

Transit VISA

A visa allowing limited short stays for person traveling through that country to get to another country. Onward transportation within a specific time frame plus visas for the next country being visited must be submitted to obtain a transit visa.

Employment VISA

Employment Visa is granted to professionals and executives who wish to work in that country

Family Reunion VISA

All people who wish to travel to that particular country in order to join their spouse or family require this visa.

Short Stay VISA

A Short Stay Visa is a travel visa, valid for a maximum period of three months.

Long Stay VISA

Visas for visits exceeding three months for the following categories: a) Employment b) Student c) Business.

Immigrants VISA

Are people who move to another country or region than their own to live there.


Our services include the following :

·  Documentation Assistance

·  Visa Guidance, Online/Offline

·  Filling up Application Forms

·  Scheduling of Appointments with consulates

·  Arranging visa interview or bio metric finger printing

·  Submission and collection of passports and visa applications etc


Our specialization:

· Dubai/UAE

· All Middle East Countries

· Singapore

· Malaysia

· Thailand

· Srilanka

· All S.E. Asian Countries

· All European Union/Schengen Visa

· USA/Canada

· Australia/New Zealand



Contact us for more details:

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